Today an ode to one of my favorite movies of all time...Robocop.

Robocop, A True Texas Hero

I know what you're thinking, Robocop cleaned up the mean streets of Detroit, Michigan? That is true, but that original awesome 80's action flick was shot right here in Texas over in Dallas.

Check Out Some of the Filming Locations in Dallas

Some of those famous "Detroit" buildings are structures you can still see while driving around Dallas today. However, one shot in the movie didn't quite go as planned and it lead to new laws being created in Texas for filming. So let's talk about how Robocop almost blew up Dallas.

Duh, Robocop Spoilers from Here on Out

If you haven't watched 'Robocop' ever, go watch Robocop. Awesome 80's action flick that is almost a perfect movie in my opinion. In one of Robocop's first ever missions in Detroit (once again actually Dallas) he is stopping a robbery at a gas station. You can probably guess what happens if you haven't seen the movie before, but yes the gas station explodes in great pyrotechnic ball of fire.

Watch the Massive Explosion Below

So turns out the director of the movie had the mentality that bigger is better. How could we have the biggest explosion possible? Well, they certainly did and I don't think they meant to do it this big. Turns out that explosion caused several people's windows to blow out blocks away. After this explosion, it lead to the state of Texas sharpening it's laws on pyrotechnics explosions in the state.

So this will be the last LEGAL great big ball of fire in Texas. Just a fun fact for your Friday on how Robocop saved Dallas and almost blew it up in the same day.

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