I am already scared that a snake is going to come up a pipe while I am on the toilet. Now I need to worry about explosions.

23 people have been hurt by recent toilet explosions, so this has forced a massive recall for this toilet brand. They estimate that 1.4 million of these toilets are spread out in people's homes. The Flushmate II 501-B pressure-assisted flushing system toilet is the culprit of these explosions. These toilets were sold at Lowes, Home Depot and online from 1996 through 2015.

If you bought a toilet at that time, I would suggest checking to see if you have this model. 1,500 reports have come in about this toilet malfunctioning. The tank apparently builds up with pressure and explodes. Sending the lid on top flying and in some cases injuring people. Your toilet lid on top is pretty heavy, so that could do some serious damage and reports say this toilet has caused $710,000 in damages so far.

Here is what you should be looking for according to the manufacturer. "The units are rounded oval, black, two-piece vessels made of injection molded plastic. Recalled units have a date code/serial number that is 15 characters long and is located on the label on top of the Flushmate II 501-B unit. The first six numerals of the serial number are the date code. The date code range for units included in this recall in MMDDYY format is 090396 (September 3, 1996) through 120713 (December 7, 2013). The model code is 10 characters long and is located on the same product label. The model code starts with M and ends with F."

If you do have this toilet, they say to cut off the water supply to the toilet and to flush it to relieve the pressure. Consumers should contact Flushmate to request a free replacement and installation by a technician. You can call Flushmate toll-free at 844-621-7538 between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. ET Monday through Friday and between 8 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. ET Saturday, or online at www.flushmate.com and click on “501-B Recall” in the blue box on the top of the page for more information.

Also, note if you have a Flushmate III system, those have been recalled in previous years for the same problem.

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