Are we filming an action movie today? That explosion was massive.

Crazy footage coming out of Southlake, Texas. Someone on Highway 114 was traveling in the opposite direction of a car that was smoking on the side of the road. That person filming passed right by when the car literally exploded into a fireball. You can watch the explosion for yourself below.

Miraculously, no one was hurt in the explosion. The driver of the vehicle did the right thing when their vehicle started smoking. They pulled over and got away from the vehicle, then called for emergency services. The Southlake Department of Public Safety shared some photos of what the aftermath looked like.

It seriously looks like the back end of this car was hit by a rocket launcher. Southlake fire officials were able to put out the fire before it could spread and cause more damage. The police are saying the driver did everything they could in this situation to cause as minimal damage as possible.

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I just want to know what went wrong in car to make it explode like that? Hopefully we can get an announcement at a later date because no one wants to see this again on their daily commute. It would make the travel to work more interesting, but I don't want to be avoiding fireballs like I'm in a video game.

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