Some Wichita Falls businesses are on what I like to call Double Secret Probation. If you're getting your training at Sheppard Air Force Base, don't go to these places or face some some consequences.

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I can't say I am shocked that something like this exists, but I just didn't know it was actually written down on the Sheppard Air Force Base website. I would think some higher ups would just tell folks that are training at the base, "Hey, not a good idea to go to these places". Nah, it's straight up, do not go to these places.

Since 2019, They Have Had a Banned List

Apparently on September 27, 2019 a bunch of Wichita Falls establishments went onto the list. Not sure what happened on September 26th to create the list, but four places were put on the list. Scroll through to check them out below

OFF LIMITS: Alibi After Hours

OFF LIMITS: Bombshells

OFF LIMITS: The Haystack



Finally Our Latest OFF LIMITS: Lonestar Bar

Sheppard Air Force Base has the following statement on if someone goes to one of these establishments while receiving training at the base.

Businesses are placed off-limits by the Sheppard Air Force Base Installation Commander when necessary to protect the health,welfare, and safety of all assigned personnel. When appropriate, the Sheppard Air Force Base Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board meets and recommends the action to the Installation Commander, and then distributes the off-limits order to all units assigned to Sheppard Air Force Base. Disregard of this off-limits order by military personnel is a violation of Article 92 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), as well as other applicable articles of the UCMJ. Military members who violate this off-limits order are subject to disciplinary or adverse action, as appropriate.


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