Socialism and communism have been creeping their way into the Democratic Party in America for some time now. But it's always been something that was denied publicly and whispered about privately, that is until the 2008 election. With the election of Barack Obama, suddenly, the so-called 'democratic socialist' movement felt confident enough to come out of the shadows. Now, the likes of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have no problem discussing it openly and publicly.

Just a few short years ago, communism and socialism were the scourge of the earth. And, so far as I and millions of others are concerned, they still are. But we have a whole new breed of politicians in America we have to deal with. I've dubbed them the Commucrats. History has taught us just how destructive and dangerous socialism and communism are. Russia, Germany, Venezuela, Cuba...need I go on? The mainstream, far left controlled media does a good job of running cover for the Commucrats, but it's not difficult to see behind the thin veil. I came across this video on Facebook, something called The Left the Left Show, hosted by a self-described former snowflake. See for yourself.

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