Sorry kids.  I may have to take your parents side on this one.

It’s hard to believe that nowadays most kids not only have a cell phone, but a fancy and expensive smart phone as well.  I guess I’m showing my age here, but I didn’t get my first cell phone until I was 16 years-old.  It wasn’t fancy either.  I had what I call a “Nokia Brick” phone.  It could only dial out, and receive calls.  That’s it! There weren’t any games, or social media apps.

Well, some parents now believe that today’s smart phones are too distracting for kids, and are now calling on school districts to enforce stricter policies on cell phone use in the classroom.  In fact, a few parents in Southlake Carroll want to take an even more drastic approach, and completely unplug from modern technology.  One parent even told the Fort Worth Star Telegram, that schools should go back to what she calls “classical learning” and just use books, pen, and paper in the classroom.


Parents aren’t the only ones calling for stricter rules regarding smart phones.  Oddly enough some students are as well.  The Fort Worth Star Telegram is reporting that the Student Heath Advisory Council is recommending stricter rules as well.

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I remember when I was in high school, any cell phone use was prohibited in the classroom.  If you were caught with a phone in class, you not only got a detention, but your cell phone was confiscated as well.  I would know, since I got in trouble more than a few times.  If you’re a parent, do you agree with the other parents that are calling for stricter policies regarding phone use in the classroom?  I’ll let you decide.

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