A Corpus Christi taco shop's taco challenge is so difficult that only six people have mastered the challenge since Bill Clinton was in office.

Chaco's Tacos has been knocking out the competition for 18 years now, being awarded the title of Best Taco in Texas by Texas Monthly and having a breakfast taco challenge that is so intense you can could all of the winners on a single hand until this week. The Almighty Chaco Taco is a 14-inch tortilla packed with carne guisada, eggs, beans, cheese, bacon and potatoes, bringing the taco to a weight of 4 lbs. If you're able to polish off the $10 taco in just 10 minutes, you get your picture on the wall, a t-shirt, and bragging rights.

Up until this week, only five people had accomplished the 4 pound taco challenge in the last 18 years. That was until John Hopkins of Houston made a trip to Chaco's and finished off the taco within the time limit, becoming number 6.

Think you'd be able to take on the Almighty Chaco Taco challenge and become #7?