It's not the first time Wichita Falls has been called this and I don't think it will be the last.

So I am a big fan of stand up comedian Steve Hofstetter. He has actually performed right here in Wichita Falls before. Unfortunately Steve is famous for taking on hecklers at his shows. This is not something he encourages at his shows, but he is not one to shy away from embarrassing a heckler. For instance Trance of Wichita Falls learned this the hard way a few years ago.

The Wichita Falls Heckler

Now someone told me Steve recently put up a compilation video of all his jokes about Texas. If you're someone that can take a joke, I think they're really funny. All of these videos below are him performing the jokes in Texas. It looks like while performing at the Dallas Improv, a joke came at Wichita Falls expense.

Wichita Falls Joke

I encourage you to watch the whole thing, but if you just want the Wichita Falls part. The joke starts at 2:35 mark in the video. Basically talking about how Texas makes fun of Oklahoma. I won't ruin the joke, but I highly encourage you to watch it above. I will admit, it does sound like another Wichita Falls joke that got national attention back in the day.

King of the Hill Wichita Falls

Yup, here I go mentioning the 'King of the Hill Wichita Falls episode again. As the propane workers at the store in Wichita Falls once said. "Arlen stinks and Wichita Falls rules. And you know why because in five minutes I can be inside the great state of Oklahoma. Go Sooners!"


So I guess Wichita Falls, Texas is just south Oklahoma to some folks and I know I ruined some of your day with this information. I'm going to blame drunk Trance the heckler in the first video, as Steve said. He will never forget Wichita Falls.

Weird Wichita Falls Movie Advertisements

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This Wichita Falls Home Was Once a Recording Studio

Back in the day, Wichita Falls was home to Nesman Studio. Who had some very famous clintel come in throughout the years, including Buddy Holly. Today though, the recording studio is gone and it's just a house at 3108 York Avenue. Check it out below.

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