No need to travel over to merry old England to see Stonehenge, we got our own right here in Texas.

Stonehenge is one of those things that I just do not get the hype around. I truly think if I were in England. I would have no desire to go see it. People treat this place like it is the Roman Coliseum. I get that this thing is thousands of years old, but it just doesn't interest me. Yes I know it is a historical burial site, but I think I would be greatly disappointed seeing this thing in person.

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If you want to get a look at Stonehenge, without all the historical significance. You can see one that was built in the best decade. I am talking about the 1990's. Yes the same time the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were kicking ass. Some Texans named Al Sheppard and Doug Hill were building their own Stonehenge over in Hunt, Texas.

Sadly, Al Sheppard passed away and the replica Stonehenge now sits in the small town of Ingram, Texas. With a population barely over 1,000 people. Stonehenge II is the sight of the town. It looks like Ingram is just outside the town of Kerrville. So if you ever visit that area. Maybe make a ten minute pit stop to check out the Stonehenge.

It will be a lot cheaper than a plane ticket to England. I can guarantee that. Plus, Ingram does have a Whataburger and England does not.

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