Let's share this drive-by on social media. What could go wrong? 

Your idiots of the week in Texas are Michael Cuellar and Sierra Tarburton. You may have seen the videos being shared around last week of their escapades. The couple is seen driving around firing guns at houses in downtown Houston. The two posted the videos of themselves doing this on Snapchat.

They did nothing to hide their faces and police have been trying to find these two. The suspects are still on the loose, but police have charged them. Once arrested, they will deal with deadly conduct and criminal mischief charges. As of right now, no injuries have been reported from these two doing a drive-by.

KTRK reports the neighborhoods were affected by Hurricane Harvey and many of the residences have been abandoned that these two were driving through. One resident noticed her home in the video. "The house is already destroyed, one more bullet hole won't hurt - but it's just scary," said the homeowner. 

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