The Salvation Army loved Zeke's jump into the kettle this past Sunday and now they have one setup for you. 

I have to imagine a lot of people want to jump into this thing like Zeke, but I don't think the Salvation Army is encouraging that. They do have it setup with an Ezekiel Elliot cardboard cutout inside. You can go to the NorthPark Center mall in Dallas to go check it out.

Since the kettle hop, the Salvation Army has seen $850,000 in donations, a $250,000 increase from last week."It was good for the fans and it was, obviously, good for the Salvation Army," said Chris Aldarama, after taking a photo with the kettle.

The kettle, which includes a cardboard cutout of Elliott, is on display at NorthPark Center until Christmas Eve. The Salvation Army is asking people to make a suggested $21 donation, in honor of Elliott's jersey number, when taking photos with the kettle. The mall says the big kettle will most likely be on display for years to come after the increase in donations.

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