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The Washington Free Beacon published an article on March 12 called “Leave Them Kids Alone.” It is a review of a new book titled "Stolen Youth: How Radicals are Erasing Innocence and Indoctrination a Generation."

Featured in the article is a public education teacher who testified before the Arizona State Senate education committee earlier in March who claimed that “she and her colleagues knew better than parents what books belonged on school library shelves. ‘I have a master’s degree,’ she said, ‘What do parents have?’”

In the video that was circulated in Twitter she goes on to say: “The purpose of public education is not to teach only what parents want [students] to be taught. It is to teach them what society needs them to be taught.”

This is how many public educators, backed with the full force of the federal government via the Department of Education, have become so arrogant in their “higher degrees” that they disdain the parents of the children. It is also explanatory of how it has come about that public education is filled with divisive race ideology, called “Critical Race Theory” or “wokeism.”

Even math lessons in some public education classrooms are riddled with “antiracism” and discussions on “whiteness” and “race-based privilege and oppression.” In the Seattle school system there has been a shift toward “ethnic-studies-focused math education.” History lessons in other schools tell students that America was founded on “racism.” “Equity," equality of outcome, has become the model.

These Marxist brainwashing concepts have become so rife in American education that activists “have embedded race and gender ideology into the field of medicine: Medical schools now require applicants to submit essays about their experiences with ‘implicit bias’ or their dedication to social justice-focused political activities and ‘equitable patient care.’ America’s future doctors are being selected because of their commitment to ‘equity,’ not for their academic abilities.”

Where Did the Idea Originate That Children Belong to the State?

Friedrich Engels, who co-authored many foundational materials on communism, wrote a book in 1884 titled "Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State." In it he set out three key ideas for which he advocated:

  1. Unconstrained sexual intercourse.
  2. All people should be freed from the care of their own children, so that they can “fill socially productive roles.”
  3. Marriage is a recent invention, based upon men’s lust for private wealth which they desired to “stay in the family.”

Note that this anti-God screed wants parents simply to be the “breeders” of children, which then belong to the state for education and upbringing. The Arizona teacher quoted above has drawn from this acidic idea that children do not belong to their parents and that those with education “degrees” know best.

She plainly stated that educators such as herself are the only ones capable of deciding what is good for society. The conceit in this statement is measureless. Might as well suggest that only those with higher education degrees should be allowed to vote — for only they know what is good for society.

This, in spite of the fact that they are your children.

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