Things sounded like they were gonna get ugly last night on the diamond. Check out the video to see what happened. 

Last night, I was running board for the Texas A and M game on NewsTalk 1290. For the next few weeks, tune in on Tuesday nights to hear the team take on other Texas opponents. Last night, Texas A and M took on one of the biggest Texas schools, The University of Texas at Austin.

The Aggies almost blew the game. They gave up four runs, in the top of the ninth, allowing the Longhorns to tie the game. Don't worry Aggie Fans, catcher Michael Barash hit a walkofff home run at the bottom of the inning. Listening to it on the radio, I had no idea what was going on after that moment.

Freshman pitcher Tyler Ivey taunted the Longhorns bench, by doing the Hook'em upside down logo. Things got a little testy after that. Check out the almost brawl below.