As bad as the feral hog problem was yesterday, it’s even worse today. And tomorrow doesn’t look to good either. But as bad as the problem is, the decision by Texas Ag Commissioner Sid Miller to allow the use of poison to try and control their numbers has left many Texan’s deeply worried.

Recently, Commissioner Miller signed off on the use of a product called Kaput to kill feral hogs. The product contains warfarin, also known by the brand name Coumadin, typically used as a blood thinner in humans. When the hogs consume a large quantity of the poison, the warfarin causes them to bleed out internally.

Commissioner Miller has downplayed the obvious risks this poses. Hogs who consume the poison will likely venture off the property where the large bait stations that would hold this poison would be located. Their slow death would leave behind a carcass filled with poison that would then be consumed by other animals. Even livestock could likely come into contact with the poisoned hogs, something that could potentially decimate the state’s cattle business.

While this is the same method employed to control rats and mice, the outcomes are totally different. Hunters, animal rights groups and environmentalists are coming together in an unprecedented way to fight back against Commissioner Miller’s proposal.

Eydin Hansen, vice president of the Texas Hog Hunters Association joined us on ‘Wake Up Call’ recently to discuss how they and other groups are fighting back against the use of this product. Watch that interview in the video above.

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