Time to go hunting boys.

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Living in Texas, we have heard about the feral hog problem for YEARS. As we know, you don't want to poison these things because that is not good for the environment. You need to hunt them down. It's estimated that we have around three million feral hogs in the state and the problem with them is that they cause around 500 million dollars in damage every year.


Looks like if you want to hunt and make some money while doing it. Go over to Hays or Caldwell County here in Texas. The two counties are right around San Marcos and they're offering a $5 bounty per hog. This will be paid by check on tails or certified buying station receipts, according to the Feral Hog Task Force.


You can claim your money on the third Thursday of each month from February 17 to July 21. Hog hunters will be required to complete a W-9 and a participation form. So if you're interested, you can get some more info with the Feral Hog Task Force.


I have seen several of my friends hunting these damn things, so might as well get paid to do it. Best of luck if you decide to participate and hopefully you hook me up with a finder's fee since I am the one that told you about it.

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