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I love these documentaries on strange crime rings. The most famous you might have seen is 'McMillions' on HBO where we learned that we never had a shot at those grand prizes in the McDonald's Monopoly game. A new one that is actually out today is based on the Collin Street Bakery over in Corsicana, Texas.

I am not big on fruitcake myself, but this company is apparently THE fruitcake company. Been making these things since 1896. However, back in 2004 something went wrong. The companies profits were basically non-existent and no one knew why. Looks like the bookkeeper was keeping ALL of their profits and they were having the time of their life.

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Buying 38 cars, according to someone in the documentary the guy would buy a new vehicle every time he needed an oil change. 223 private jets around the world. All from stealing from a fruitcake company right here in Texas. "We don't like being reminded of that awful time, that lasted a decade but we love getting the chance of telling it from our point of view," Hayden Crawford Vice President of Public Relations at the bakery said.

"A lot of people, they like to think it would never happen to them, that they would not have been caught off guard like we were. And, I contend it will always happen that way. It's the trust that allows them to come in and embezzle."

So if you have a Discovery Plus and need something to watch, give it a shot and let me know what you think.

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