Don't you just hate when you type so fast that you accidentally spell a racial slur?

Over in Galveston, many people are asking Galveston County Republican Party Chairwoman Yolanda Waters to step down. She allegedly sent another member in her party a racist text message. The message was supposedly sent earlier this year about J.T. Edwards who is a member of State Republican Executive Committee.

The Galveston Daily News said, “Waters complained about personal loans she and her husband had made to Edwards, and then followed her complaint about the money by calling Edwards a ‘typical n**.' Waters has responded by saying this was an unfortunate typo.

“I usually type very fast, and in this case, I moved too fast to see that the word was there,” Waters said, according to The Daily News. “I made the typo because I did not proofread my text.” Waters has been asked to step down from different boards she was on and has obliged.

Many are now asking her to step down from her position entirely. No word yet on if she plans to do so.

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