This is a parent's worst nightmare. You trust someone with your kid and your kid ends up getting hurt by that person.

Over in Haslet, Texas a 36-year-old woman has been charged with injury to a child for an incident that happened earlier this month. The mother came to pick up her four-year-old son one day and saw he had some bruises on his face and neck. The mother confronted the worker about this and she said, 'the boy had been acting up and hurt himself.'

Two days later, the mother came back again to pick up her son and the child had even worse bruises this time. The boy’s regular teacher told her the boy’s injuries were not self-inflicted and the director showed her surveillance footage of what had happened.

The footage shows this woman on top of the child pinning him to the ground unable to get away. She then begins to violently slap and punch the four-year-old boy. Child Protective Services has begun a full investigation into this daycare.

According to reports, the daycare has seven deficiencies listed in the last three years. The deficiencies include an incident in May when the school was investigating for not reporting inappropriate discipline of a child. The investigation remains ongoing.

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