Imagine a high school game outselling a NFL game? Welcome to Texas!

Texas High School Football Championship Attendance

Over the weekend, it was the Texas high school football championships at AT&T Stadium. It's estimated that over 193,000 fans went to all the games from Wednesday to Saturday. Obviously, not many folks went to every game over that four day stretch, but the attendance broke down like this.

1AD1: 4,688
1AD2: 4,267
2AD1: 7,402

2AD2: 8,257
3AD1: 10,299
3AD2: 9,282

4AD1: 14,384
4AD2: 15,036
5AD1: 22,184

5AD2: 33,913
6AD1: 40,673
6AD2: 32,346

Stats taken from Yappi. Obviously Saturday was the big day for a lot of folks, but what's crazy is that several of these Texas high school football championship games had a higher attendance than a NFL game this past weekend.

Falcons/Panthers Was a Ghost Town

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers
Getty Images
Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers
Getty Images
Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers
Getty Images

Yes, those are three different sections for an NFL game on Sunday. Obviously weather was a factor. It was pouring rain the majority of the game and with the Panthers having an outdoor stadium, many fans elected to stay home. Also the Panthers are the worst team in the NFL, so that was also a reason why many skipped out on this game. The Panthers would win their second game of the season yesterday.

Obviously don't believe everything you see online, but it looks like the Panthers had just over 5,000 fans in attendance. Judging by the photos, I wouldn't be shocked to find out that was true.

Tickets were going for as low as 45 cents on sites for an NFL game. So yes, ten different Texas high school championship football games outdrew an NFL game. Football is just different in Texas.

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