This guy was determined to get his resume out there and his plan worked.

James Smith lives in San Antonio and recently moved there to be with his fiancee. He had experience in the gas and oil industry and didn't think it would be hard to find a job in Texas. Well, the past four months he has struggled to get anything going. Thursday, he decided to try something out that he saw on the news.

A man in Pheonix stood out on a busy street corner handing out his resume. James decided to do this same thing. He got on a suit, stood out on a hot summer day in San Antonio and handed those things out. James said he started getting calls later that afternoon about potential jobs. He has an interview scheduled for next week.

"I just want an opportunity to work for a company to show them what I have and what I can contribute," Smith said. "I hope I can inspire someone to go out there and get the job they want, the job they need to provide for their family."

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