64-year-old Bobby Gene Martin was sentenced to two life terms in prison after being convicted of his 10th DWI and threatening to retaliate against the arresting officer.

Martin was found passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle in 2009, in a ditch with the motor still running.  The arresting deputy was able to wake Martin, who passed out again while looking for his license.  Martin was removed from the scene on a stretcher and transported to a local hospital where his blood alcohol level was measured at .21, according to court records.  Martin also threatened the arresting deputy, threatening to kill him and his family.

Martin had nine previous DWI charges dating back to 1981.  Jurors in Martin's case were only told he had at least two prior DWI convictions during the trial, not being told the extent of his record until the sentencing portion of the proceedings. His life sentences will run concurrently, making Martin eligible for parole when he is 80-years-old.

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