Thinking of going electric? Looks like a better infrastructure is coming your way.

With gas prices the way they're right now. Some folks are thankful for their electric vehicles. Looks like Texas is planning to help those folks out on long road trips in the future. Thanks to Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, over the next five years, Texas will be installing more electric charging stations.

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The plan is to have half a million new charging stations operating by 2030. I was shocked to find out that less than 1% of Texas drivers registered in the state are electric. I didn't think that number would be that low, but since 2020, that number keeps increasing. Nice to see that they're not waiting to develop the infrastructure before that number gets too big.

These new charging stations are said to be high powered. If you pull in at 10% power, it will get you to 80% in thirty minutes. TxDot is working on plans over the summer and contracts are said to begin in January of 2023 on the new charging stations. What about the more rural parts of Texas? Governor Greg Abbott made that clear he doesn't want those Texans left in the dust.

“Additionally, I direct TxDOT and stakeholders to include in the plan a way for Texans to easily get from Beaumont to El Paso and Texline to Brownsville in an EV–with a focus on rural placement and connectivity.”

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is not just about charging stations. Funds for roads, bridges, pipes, ports and broadband access throughout the state are also planned for the next few years.

Me personally, until that charge time comes down for an electric vehicle, I don't plan on getting one. Can't imagine being on a road trip and every few hours having to sit for 30 minutes to recharge. I'll deal with the gas prices til that changes.

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