He showed up at the scene and knew exactly what to do. 

Officer Chase Miller was recognized this week for his actions back on October 12th. He was called to the scene of a KFC where a boy was reportedly not breathing and unresponsive.  Bethany Hoover's three-year-old son was having a seizure. Brayden had suffered a febrile seizure due to a cold he had come down with.

The fever spiked too quickly and that is what caused the seizure. Brayden was playing but then started crying. She said she give him ibuprofen, but when she noticed how hot he was, she took him outside. The boy's head was resting on his shoulder, Hoover said, and then she felt his arm go limp.

Police said Miller began CPR and then had the boy's dad continue chest compressions as he got a breathing mask. Police said that after two minutes, Miller had revived the child. Brayden was later treated by the Granbury Volunteer Fire Department and then taken to Lake Granbury Medical Center.

Little Brayden is doing just fine now. The next day, Brayden was acting like nothing even happened. This past Tuesday, Miller was awarded the Life Saving Award for saving Brayden's life. Brayden also gave Officer Miller one of his favorite toys for saving his life.

"Officer Miller's exceptional performance reflect great credit upon himself, the Granbury Police Department and the city of Granbury," police said.

"Our son is the world to us," Bethany said. "That's our world. That's our life."