Some say she had the right to, others said as a vet she can never be trusted with an animal again. 

Another time where social media is getting someone in trouble at their job. Last year, Kristen Lindsey posted a photo on her Facebook account of a cat that she shot through the head with a bow and arrow. People complained that as a vet if she needed to kill the cat on her property she should have done it as quick as possible. Not let the cat slowly bleed out, while snapping a photo of it for your followers.

Lindsey's lawyers are arguing that the neighborhood is prone to feral cats and Lindsey was worried about the safety of her animals. She has the right to defend them anyway she sees fit. The Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners made the decision Tuesday (10/18) to suspend Lindsey for one full year, followed by four years of working in her field on a probationary basis.

Some people fighting against Dr. Lindsay still don't think that punishment is enough. "Only a permanent revocation of Kristen Lindsey's license is an acceptable ruling given the level of contempt for animals she has demonstrated," lawyer MistyChristo said in a prepared statement. "She shot Tiger, dangled him by an arrow through his head as he slowly died, and then celebrated the killing on social media with a grisly photo. She clearly broke the public trust we place in veterinarians and should never practice medicine again."

Lindsey claimed the cat was a random feral cat. It was not, it's name was Tiger and it was one of her neighbor's cats.