A question was brought up on Twitter about the current Rangers Stadium and the fans responded.

As many of you know, I am not a Rangers fan. I go to that stadium when my team comes to town, the Baltimore Orioles. I have been to every Orioles series at Globe Life since 2008. With those series, the occasional day game happens. If you have ever been to a day game at Globe Life in the summer you know how much it sucks.

One year I sat third base side right in the sun. NEVER in my life would I do that again. Amazing seats, with an amazing view. Sitting there at 2 in the afternoon of an August in Texas you pray for that game to speed by. I love baseball and will never leave early from a game early. So I melted that day and had the A/C blasting on me pretty much all the way to Wichita Falls.

Some Rangers fans don't want this new stadium. They don't think it's necessary. Yes, the current Globe Life Park is not old at all. Only built back in 1994, but you have to admit they're not attracting the average fans. Many people don't go to games in the summer due to the heat. Hardcore fans say suck it up, but people do and face the consequences.

Rangers sideline reporter Emily Jones brought up on Twitter, 'Curious how many people complaining about the new ballpark have sat though an afternoon game in August.' A few fans responded with their sunburns from sitting through an afternoon at Globe Life. Some of you are gonna say put on sunscreen.


I have myself and still end up as red as a tomato from sitting in the direct sun for hours. I have seen people literally pass out from the heat in my sections. I for one can't wait for that new stadium to open next season. I will be enjoying my A/C with baseball and not have to worry about melting all day. 


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