With everything going on in the world, a zombie apocalypse wouldn't even surprise me at this point.

Over in Round Rock, Texas a couple of roads will be closed on Tuesday. Chisholm Trail Road between Old Settlers Boulevard and US 79 will be the main road that is closed to the public. Why? Zombies, that's right you may spot some zombies in the area that day. AMC is filming a new season of 'Fear the Walking Dead' here in Texas and they will need to close down a road for their day of filming.

The closures will start Tuesday at 7 a.m. and end at 9 p.m. Detours will also be put in place during that time. Season 6 of the series is expected to return to AMC on April 11. Turns out Round Rock has become a popular destination for filming. The new reboot of 'Walker Texas Ranger' is also being filmed in the area.

If we could somehow get those shows to do a crossover, that would be epic. Come on, you want to see Walker roundhouse kick a zombie's head off. At least give me a Halloween themed episode like this.

Also, I'm imagining some 90-year-old lady in Round Rock just going to get groceries and then stumbling onto the set and thinking that zombies are real.Hopefully they have that whole area secured because some dumb kid (like myself back in the day) is totally going to try and get into the show.

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