Whataburger and Zombie flicks are two of my favorite things on the planet, so you know I’m digging this.

Adela Hernandez, an employee at a Whataburger in Aransas Pass has been getting a lot of attention thanks to her one-of-a-kind costume creation.

The amount of detail she put into her makeup is nothing less than amazing. Not only did she make it look as though a cup and straw had been shoved through her eye all the way down through her jaw, she was also able to make her other eye look like a tiny cheeseburger. Talk about detail! That’s some impressive stuff right there. And she’s clearly found her calling as she’s currently a cosmetology student at Aveda Institute Corpus Christi.

According to KRIS-TV, it took her a whopping four hours to get the costume together. As you might imagine, she got a lot of love for her costume:

My co-workers loved it and were so proud of how it came out. I had customers coming up to me wanting to see the details and just showing me love for my work. I even went to Walmart to get a few things with my makeup still on (and) I had so many people compliment my work.

She set the bar pretty high with this costume. I’m looking forward to seeing what she has in store for us next Halloween.

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