Looks like a Texas bowl game ran out of beer last night. They should have known when this school was showing up.

Top Party Schools in Texas

Hopefully when choosing a college in Texas, partying is not the number one priority you choose. However, several websites do use this as a ranking for colleges and some of the big names you would expect are in the top ten. UT Austin, Texas Tech, Texas A&M. One school that is always somewhere in the top ten is Texas State in San Marcos, Texas.

Texas State Played in Their First Ever Bowl Game Last Night

Since the school moved into the FBS over a decade ago, they played in their first ever bowl game last night in Dallas at The First Responders Bowl. In their first ever appearance, they dominated. Winning the game 45-21. I guess the folks who put on the First Responders Bowl were unaware of the partying that Bobcats love to do because at halftime. The stadium ran out of beer on the Bobcats side.

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Apparently on the Bobcats side of the stadium, all of the beer coolers were empty at halftime. Fans then had to go to the other side of the stadium to get beer. Bobcats fans then emptied out the other half of the stadium. When beer sales concluded at the start of the fourth quarter, apparently no beer was available. Bobcats fans cleared out the beer like the Grinch stealing Christmas presents.

Texas State Showed Up to Cheer on Their Bobcats

Some bowl games don't have the best attendance. However, since this was the first bowl game for Texas State ever, the fans showed up to support their Bobcats. Maroon and gold dominated the stadium last night.

Man Claims They Were Going to Basketball Stadium to Restock

Obviously don't believe everything you see online, but this X user claims his mom was a worker last night and they were having to get beers from the basketball stadium. No matter what happened last night to the beers, it's safe to say Texas State knows how to drink beers.

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