A couple of years ago a friend of mine received a postcard in the mail from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.  It bore the photo of a creepy looking character who had moved into a rental home just a few blocks away.  The guy was a registered sex offender.  After a bit of investigation, my friend discovered that the thuggish mug on the card was a guy who plead guilty to raping an elderly woman.  He got probation, or deferred adjudification or whatever they call it these days.  Sick puppy.

That makes it even harder to believe that a judge anywhere, much less Texas, would do this: a teen in the Houston area is jailed over truancy.  Truancy?  Really?  The nasty rapist could get probation but a teen girls gets jail?  And just why was she truant?  Drugs?  No.  Alcohol? No.  This young woman is working two jobs, taking advanced placement classes and is a straight A student.  So why would this obviously brain-dead judge lock her up in the hoosegow?  His justification:"If you let one run loose, what are you going to do with the rest of them? Let them go, too?"  The court of public opinion is NOT in his favor.  I say it's just another example of this culture of 'zero tolerance' that school administrators love to crow about that has simply run amok.  God forbid the issue be handled at the school level.  Let's drag the courts into it.

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