You go on vacation and you probably want a memento. This lady grabbed some seashells and she is getting locked up for it.

Diana Fiscal-Gonzalez of Dallas went to Key West in the summer of 2017. While she was there, she snagged quite a few Queen Conch Shells. The photo above is what they look like. They're bigger than the normal seashells you may be used to seeing on the beach. Diana said she thought the state-protected shells would make great gifts for her family, so she collected them on her journey up the beach one day.

She nabbed 40 of the Queen Conchs and later that day was arrested by a Florida police officer for doing so. They got a call about a woman picking up the seashells, with the living organism still inside, and taking them with her, which is illegal in Florida. Recreational collection of empty seashells is allowed, however.

Diana had no idea, but it looks like that is no excuse in Florida. A Florida judge sentenced Diana Fiscal-Gonzalez to serve 15 days in jail, six months of probation and pay a $500 fine, plus $268 for court costs. So next time you see one of these shells, make sure there is nothing living in it before you take it with you.

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