This salon lied about what was in their hair dye and this woman suffered the consequences. 

Chemise went into a Texas salon to get an upgrade on her hair color. Chemise has to be careful what hair dyes she uses because she is extremely allergic to a chemical in some dyes called PPD. She learned of this back in 2014 and is extra cautious when using hair dyes since.

She asked the salon to check if their dye contained PPD and they assured her she would be fine. The dye they used was chemical-free and all natural. That was a lie because Chemise's face blew up like a balloon. Chemise shared her story for people to be aware of what can happen when they have a severe allergy.

Also, don't take people's word for it and check to see if what you're allergic to is in the product. Chemise also says she always carries an EpiPen on her at all times just in case something like this happens again.

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