When the winter storm approached the Lone Star State, enough snow and ice accumulated on the roads leaving some highways impassable. Many people’s driveways were covered in snow and ice, confining them to their homes. Fortunately, one west Texas woman was there to assist those who were unable to leave their house, and needed supplies.

Brittany Land, who lives in Midland Texas, decided that she would provide a helping hand to those in need during the winter storm. Using the smart phone app, “Next Door”, she posted that she was willing to run errands, and help out anyone that lives in her neighborhood.

During the winter storm that hit Texas last year, she saw that many were suffering. Some people who were unable to leave their homes, needed groceries, bottled water, and even food for their pets. Land also added that the elderly population especially needed assistance during the winter storm. She didn’t want people to suffer this time, so she decided to use modern technology to make a difference.

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She didn’t go at it alone either. Land also used the app, to ask others to do the same, and offer to help their neighbors in need. She just asked those who were able to help their neighbors to post their name, contact info, and what they could help with on the app. Eventually she compiled a list that people who could assist their neighbors in need. Those who needed help, could refer back to the app if they had an emergency.

Land said that she hopes that her story inspires others to check on their neighbors, loved ones, and friends, during this arctic blast. She also wants to remind everyone that with today’s technology, it only takes only two seconds to call or text your neighbors, and see if they need any help.

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