If you happen to notice this vehicle and the man's description. I would call 911 immediately to let them know you have been pulled over.

Looks like we have someone in Texoma pretending to be a cop in the Iowa Park area. It has gotten so bad, that the Iowa Park Police Department has had to issue a statement on their Facebook Page. Apparently folks in the area have been pulled over by this individual and here is the description.

White male
Around 25 years of age
Approx 5'11
Brown hair
Flat top hair cut
Wearing sunglasses
White shirt black pants
In a white Dodge Charger looked to be a newer model
No front license plate
Red and blue flashing lights front of vehicle
Stated he was an off duty officer with the Iowa park pd. He also appears to have a radio mic on his person as well. Please be aware this person is not with our department. Please call the Iowa Park Police Department with any details to help identify this subject. 940-592-2181
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I know some folks may not be with me on this, but it is stories like this that make me wish undercover vehicles were illegal. I remember in Oklahoma, they were proposing a bill for undercover vehicles throughout the state. Those vehicles could not be used for minor traffic violations. Something like a sting operation, they could still be used of course.

This way someone getting pulled over for speeding clearly knows which law enforcement agency is pulling them over because it is all over their vehicle. Hopefully the Iowa Park or any Texoma police department finds this vehicle because someone shouldn't be impersonating a cop ever.

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