Revenge has a way of biting back.  A Mesquite woman and a couple of her friends have been schooled on the issue and it could land them all behind bars for a time.  According to CBS News-Houston, 30 year-old Mellissa Waithall was apparently a bit miffed about an undercover police officer who testified against a friend of hers in court.  According to CBS Houston, the North Texas mental giant decided to out the undercover officer on…wait for it…her Facebook page.

This move, which no doubt provider her with a brief Dr. Evil laugh moment, has now landed her in federal court and more hot water than she probably ever expected to find in her lifetime.  But the fun does not stop there!  According to the Dallas Morning News, the friend, 34 year-old George Pickens, was trolling the internet and found the undercover officer’s photo on…get ready…FACEBOOK!  Yes, you did read that correctly.  The undercover officer had posted his own picture on Facebook.

Pickens and his brother Bobby Stedham made fliers that they planned to nail up like garage sale fliers.   A search of Pickens home uncovered the said fliers.  Police also reportedly got a bonus during the search.  Drugs and weapons found during the search of Pickens’s home resulted in additional charges against him.  Stedham was charged with retaliation.  The moral of this story: if you’re an undercover cop, putting your face on a social networking site may not be the smartest move.  As for the rest of the players involved in this soap opera-let’s just hope they don’t breed any further.

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