We learned about them in school as kids. Most little boys I know think they're the coolest. I'm talking about dinosaurs. The massive beasts who roamed the Earth millions and millions of years ago. There were plenty of them too. Almost 700 species have been named.

Normally we envision dinosaurs surrounded by lush green vegetation, many times in jungles or forest areas. But, on the plains of Texas? You better believe it. A recent report from NBC News claims tracks have been found in the Lone Star State. How can this be after all this time?

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It's no surprise that this summer has been brutally hot in Texas. I mean, record-setting hot. With the intense heat, newly discovered dinosaur tracks have turned up as a result of the Paluxy river drying up. The river has dried up almost completely in certain areas of the Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, Texas.

Photo: NBC News/Youtube
Photo: NBC News/Youtube

So, what kind of dinosaur left these recently found prints and how long have they been there? That's the cool part. The prints were mostly left by an Acrocanthosaurus. These dinosaurs stood 15 feet tall, weighed 7 tons, and roamed the Texas plains 113 million years ago.

It's not clear how long the tracks will be visible. Rain is forecast for the area soon which means the tracks will once again be buried. Normally, underwater, the tracks would be filled with sediment which helps protect them against erosion. The video below illustrates the number and size of these newly discovered prints by park officials.

The Dinosaur Valley State Park is a dinosaur lovers' paradise. Keep scrolling to check out the park and even more dinosaur tracks.

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