How did this escape me?  A year ago, Erskine Bowles, former Clinton White House Chief of Staff and former Obama appointee, sang the praises of Paul Ryan, the man poised to be Vice President of the United States.  Video of the remarks has surfaced on the web (see below) and a mysterious 'crack' was found on the surface of the sun.  The two are almost certainly related.

What, you may ask, could be the significance of this?  Think about it.  One the Clinton/Obama minions has effectively turned against them.  What Bowles specifically was so impressed with by Ryan was his budget proposal (something, by the way, that neither Queen Nancy Pelosi or her slimy bedfellow Dirty Harry Reid have offered).  For a man of such high falootin academic standards as Bowles to have made these remarks a year ago is stunning.  To now have these remarks blended among the backdrop of what is now the Ryan VP Candidacy Show is, well, breathtaking.

No word yet on just exactly what Bowels thinks today.  He probably should do what Joe Biden should have been doing since November of 2008-be very quiet.

One more thing: It's worth mentioning that Bowles served on the board of directors of General Motors until 2009.  You know, the same GM that you, the American taxpayer, bailed out and are now losing over $850 billion on.  According to National Review Online, Bowles was on the Executive Compensation Committee.


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