What part of security do we not understand? President Trump campaigned on a promise that we would secure our border with Mexico. And a major part of that security is a physical barrier. We need the wall. We need the best technological security money can buy. We need a fully staffed and well-trained border security force. What's more, we need to ask nations such as Mexico and Honduras a very important question: Why do you continue to allow your citizens to live in such conditions that they wish to flee their home country? No one ever puts any responsibility on these countries for this so-called 'crisis'.

The dolts at Time Magazine have again stepped in it with a foolishly Photoshopped image of a President Trump staring down at a little girl who was neither ripped from her mother's arms nor 'locked in a cage'. The false narratives of the left fall apart quickly with just a little research. Enough of this false flag border crisis BS. It's time to take action for our nation.

Perhaps those of you on the left have forgotten the statements of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton:

What? Have even Democrats 'talked tough' on the border? Even Obama and Clinton spoke of 'a nation of laws'? Damn the internet for making facts so readily available. Too bad they couldn't get it right.

Our need for intensified and enhanced border security is being driven by the threats posed by international terrorism, drug smugglers, criminals of various types, human trafficking and MS-13 gang members pouring into our country. No, not everyone trying to enter our country illegally fits into one of these categories, but, in the words of pretty much every President in the last three decades, we are a nation of laws. If you enter the country illegally, you are breaking our laws and you should be detained and then returned to your home country. Our government has a responsibility to protect our borders and secure our country. Any political official who says otherwise is mentally unfit to serve and should be removed from office.

As far as the current situation involving President Trump and border detainees, it boils down to one, very simple answer: liberal Democrats and some Republicans for that matter hate this man more than they love America. American's of every race and origin are sick of the excuses. Build the wall, take the security measures and get started today. To paraphrase Gen. George S. Patton: lead, follow or get the hell out of our way. We are securing this nation and that is that.

CRTV's Jon Miller has some great commentary on the current situation as well.


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