It’s sickening, really it is.  What I’m referring to is what I call the feminization of the American male.  It’s been a creeping, gradual thing for so long, but now it’s an outright assault.  Masculinity has become a dirty word in our culture.  The term 'gender neutralization' has been used to describe what's happening.  The bottom line is that it's all designed to feminize males to the greatest degree possible.

Australian author Nick Adams told Fox News in 2014 that it’s not just America, it’s a worldwide epidemic.  His book ‘The American Boomerang’ details how being a man has become such a horrible thing.

Have you watched the Disney Channel lately?  I can’t find a single male character on that network that has an ounce of masculinity left.  Most of the male characters I’ve seen there (what little I’m able to stomach) are quite effeminate in their behavior.  Why do some in our society seem so hell-bent on drumming out anything that resembles traditional male roles?

I’m not just talking about actors or a television network; I’m talking society in general.  Part of it is, of course, a symptom of the feminist movement.  But it’s taken a whole new turn.  Now, not only are we attacking masculinity, we’re now telling boys and girls that they don’t need to be ‘boys’ or ‘girls’.  The Target retail chain has announced they will be removing all gender specific signage from their toy section.  From Target's website, they offer this is a part of the explanation:

For example, in the kids’ bedding area, signs will no longer feature suggestions for boys or girls, just kids. In the Toys aisles, we’ll also remove reference to gender, including the use of pink, blue, yellow or green paper on the back walls of our shelves. You’ll see these changes start to happen over the next few months.

The claim is that customers complained and Target responded.  So now it’s wrong to suggest that perhaps the Barbie bedding set should be for (gasp) a girl?  It’s now verboten to direct little boys down a toy isle that features G.I. Joe toys and Hot Wheels cars?  Do any of you actually know anyone who is opposed to having a girl’s toy section or a boy’s toy section?  Target is either playing right into the gender neutralization of America or they're positioning themselves to be one of the architects of the movement.  Either way, it is beyond stupid.

What’s wrong with having gender roles?  What’s wrong with mom being the nurturer and dad the provider?  How is it offensive for mom to be the one who cooks the dinner and dad the one who mows the lawn?  What’s wrong with letting boys be boys and girls be girls?  The short answer: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.  It’s actually human nature.  But our society has seen fit to allow a very tiny minority tell the rest of us that we are wrong and hateful if we continue to live within those natural gender roles.

And how is this insanity allowed to spread?  When national retail giants like Target and networks like Disney are setting the tone, it’s not difficult.  My kids are grown, so trips down the toy aisle are quite rare now.  But when grandchildren come along, grandma and grandpa will be shopping appropriately.  I occasionally prepare a meal or two at my house.  My wife helps out with the yard work and she knows how to swing a hammer, too.  And yes, we both work for a living.  But ask her and she’ll set you straight; the gender roles in our household are well defined and will stay that way.

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