Texas Ag Commissioner Sid Miller is continuing his quest to attack the feral hog problem in Texas. The problem is that his plan is insanely stupid: poison the hogs with warfarin.

Miller began pushing the use of a commercial bait/pesticide called Kaput some months ago. All of the data on this stuff suggests that it will not only kill the hogs but can potentially harm or kill any animal that eats the dead hogs remains. Poisoned hogs will certainly cross-contaminate other properties beyond the ones where the feeders filled with poison will exist.

What’s more, it will take at least 24 hours of this poison coursing through the hogs system before the tell-tale blue color will appear in the hog’s fat layers, indicating it has eaten this poison. What if you kill one of these hogs shortly after they consume the warfarin, then process it and feed it to your family? You can see where this is going. Miller has been caught on tape contradicting his own past statements on Kaput and even advocating violating federal law by removing language from labeling that might inhibit some farmers and ranchers from using the product.

The excerpts you will here in this interview have NOT been taken out of context. I’ve listened to the entire recordings. I wish I could share all of it with you right now, but attorneys involved in the case being led by the Texas Hog Hunters Association and others have declined to allow its full release just yet.

THHA Vice President Eydin Hansen sat down with me on ‘Wake Up Call’ on May 16 to discuss where the case stands and why Texas Senator Charles Perry is blocking a vote in the Texas Senate on the issue right now. Watch below:

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