The gun control nutcases have once again found another deep end in which to jump into.  This time, they’re taking their insanity to Texas Tech University.  Breitbart Texas reports that officials at the Lubbock campus released records showing an ongoing effort by academics and anti-gun advocates to put a stop to the use of the “offensive” thumb and forefinger gesture, the ‘guns up’ gesture, that has been used by Tech fans, students and family since the early 1960's.

According to Breitbart Texas:

Michael Grant, Ph.D., complained to then University President M. Juane Nellis, Ph.D., about his use of the phrase ‘Go Texas Tech, and Guns Up!’ in his official signature line on his weekly emails to university alumni, the reported.


Grant continued:

I find it quite embarrassing to admit that I earned two degrees from an institution that employs the offensive slogan [sic] ‘Guns Up’,”…I will never contribute while that pattern remains…The romantic ‘Wild West’ context of gun violence continues to cause great harm to a great number of individuals, especially children (Guns Up, kids!).

Grant is proof positive that degrees and a doctorate does not make an individual smart, rational or intelligent.  Millions of American children have grown up playing cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians myself included.  And millions of us did NOT grow up to become sociopaths, murders or any other form of criminal.  And before the PC crowd piles on about my cowboys and Indians reference, I’m more cowboy than most of you will ever dream of being and my great-grandmother was full blood Cherokee, so don’t even try.  As for his attack on Nellis, it worked.  The records also revealed that he changed his email tag line from ‘Guns Up’ to ‘Wreck ‘em’.

So PC nonsense scores another victory on a college campus.  No shock there.  But as usual, the gun control folks just do not get it.  We don’t have a gun problem in America, we have a heart problem.  We have a morality problem.  Evil people with evil intentions in their heart and mind will carry out those intentions, if they can, with whatever instrument they think is necessary.  If not guns, then knifes, or cars or bombs or bombs in cars; you get the picture.  The gun control crowd is not interested in addressing the real problems.  In fact, they choose to blame anything except the individual or individuals responsible.  Attacking Texas Tech over the ‘guns up’ slogan is at best a lame attempt at misdirection and at worst outright stupid.  That all having been said…GUNS UP!

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