I have zero respect for people who steal tips and I'm glad to see this guy got caught.

This past Friday, Wichita Falls police were called out to a car wash off of Kell Boulevard. They were called out there about a possible theft and that the employees had the thief pinned down. When officers arrived, they found Erik Loya on the ground with a bunch of cash in his hand.

According to the car wash workers, they said they witnessed Loya stick his hand into a tip jar that they use for people exiting the car wash. Loya allegedly grabbed the cash and tried to run away. Looks like he wasn't fast enough because some of those workers were able to chase him down and wait for police to arrive.

According to reports, Loya was able to snag $151 from the tip jar. He was arrested and charged with theft. For what feels like the millionth time I am saying this, stop stealing people's tips! I feel like every month I have to write a story like this of someone stealing a tip jar or taking money out of a tip jar.

Have you ever worked in a job where you depend on that tip money? Thank goodness this never happened to me when I was working at a job with tips or I would have lost it if I caught the person stealing my money. Glad to see the folks at this car wash has some people with some speed.

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