Right now, the lack of rain is the biggest issue we are facing in Wichita Falls. The drought is making us ration our water use, consider alternatives for how to get drinking water, and making our lakes basically non-existent. It's amazing how much things can change in just a few years though.

My A.D.D. got the better of me the other day and led me to searching for every video about Wichita Falls on YouTube. That's when I ran across these videos from the flood of 2007. On June 30th the Wichita River reached a record crest that was the highest it had been since 1941!

Whole areas of town were underwater. People were having to get rescued by boat. Highway 44 was almost to the point of having to be closed. It's crazy to think that just 7 years later, we would do just about anything to get just a little more water. Hopefully, this cycle of drought will end soon and we can go back to normal. Until then, just remember, it wasn't always this dry.