The Dallas Cowboys are off to a 1-0 start (thanks to the Giants) and this fan believes the best is yet to come.

Yes, Chad McGhee here gives an impassioned, albeit nonsensical speech pumping up his Cowboys. Here's what we know: he’s rarin’ to go. His heart is racing. His dentist is not on speed dial.

Truthfully, he sounds like a preacher, although we don't think Cowboys fans would pony up money for him. As he so eloquently reminds the Dallas franchise, "Your time is here! Your time is now!"

He may very well be right because, considering we're only one game into the season, optimism is running high everywhere. Heck, there are probably Jaguars fans who think their time is now, too.

We have no doubt that Chad's plea to "dominate, annihilate, assassinate, outwit, outplay, outperform" surely stirs America's team and its fan base.

Way to hype the team, Chad. Somewhere, Tony Romo is applying for a restraining order.

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