As a Texan, you can't say no to Troy Aikman. 

Troy Aikman helped the Dallas Cowboys to three Super Bowl victories in the 90's, but he recently helped get a high school kid a date to the big dance. Jack Corrigan attends Cistercian College Prep sophomore and the annual homecoming dance is around the corner. Jack wanted to ask Cayli Lucia to the dance.

I don't know if you have seen all the promposal videos on the internet recently, but you just can't ask a girl to the dance anymore. You have to make it something special. Jack wrote a letter to Troy Aikman asking for his help and he agreed to help out.

Here's the thing, would she know who Troy Aikman was? Remember, Troy Aikman retired in 2000. This girl probably wasn't even born yet. Jack had a plan for that. He made a set of Cowboys flash cards for the teen, telling her to study the set for a to-be-revealed reason.

Later in the week, Cayli was asked to the principal's office. She admits she thought she was in trouble. To her surprise, it was Jack and Troy holding up a sign. The sign read, “Cayli, Please say YES because Jack is AIK’AN to take you to HOCO!” She said yes.