"Mattress Mack" from Gallery Furniture in Houston bet big on the 2016 Presidential election and now his customers are getting their money back.

Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale made the offer back in May of this year that anyone who bought a mattress set priced at $2000 or more could place a bet on which party would win the presidential election. After the votes were cast on Tuesday, he now has to pay back about $10 Million to his customers.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the contest rules said, "If the party you pick wins this coming November 2016, you have the option to receive a 100 (percent) refund on your mattress set purchase, making it FREE or 150 (percent) of your purchase price value in the form of a Gallery Furniture gift certificate to used towards your next purchase"

Around 4000 customers picked the Republicans for the win. With Donald Trump's victory, they now will be getting their refunds and celebrating at a party the store is throwing on December 11th.

This isn't the first time ""Mattress Mack" has made a big bet, though. He's made big refund wagers involving the Superbowl, the price of oil, and even had to pay back about $4.6 Million based on the amount of wins the Astros got in a season.

There is at least something he can celebrate while paying back all the purchases. While he did lose about $10 Million this go round, he would have lost around $13 Million if Hillary Clinton had been the winner.

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