Hillary Clinton turned 69 on Wednesday and to celebrate her birthday she spent the night before it at an Adele concert in Miami. While the celebration seemed fitting for Clinton, who has said before that she was an Adele fan, there was one person who was not happy about it: Donald Trump

George Stephanopoulos sat down with Trump for an ABC News exclusive interview in Trump's new Washington DC hotel and got the angry response in the video above. Trump says that he made eight campaign stops that day yet the media was instead praising Clinton for taking a day off. You can watch the full interview with Stephanopoulos and Trump on the ABC News Youtube Channel.

By the way, Clinton got a pretty big birthday present while at the concert. When Adele found out Clinton was in the crowd she gave her a full endorsement, telling her fans not to vote for him (Trump) and that even though she's English, she's going to feel the effects of this election, too and she's 100% behind Clinton.

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