I am a big believer in Halloween happens on Halloween. So you go trick or treating on October 31st, NO EXCEPTIONS. However, a trunk or treat before hand a few days later. I am cool with.

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Before we get into it, if I miss someone I apologize. Below is everyone I could find in doing some research this morning. Hopefully you get the kiddos in their costume and take advantage of the free candy. I'm a grown adult and I am always up for some free candy.

Fade and Shave Palace (3110 Seymour Highway)

October 28th from 6pm-9pm

River Bend Nature Center (2200 3rd Street)

October 13th from 4pm-6pm (Technically a craft and treat)

Broad Street Billiards (1300 14th Street)

October 29th from 5pm-7pm

Ruebens House of Classics (417 Indiana Avenue)

October 22nd at 6:30pm

MSU Trunk or Treat (3410 Taft Boulevard)

October 27th from 6pm - 8pm

Falls Fest Trunk or Treat (All Hands Cultural Community Center 302 Tulsa Street)

October 29th from 11am - 2pm.

Wichita Falls FFA Trunk or Treat (500 E Hatton Road)

October 27th from 5:30pm to 8:30pm

The Yard Trunk or Treat (703 Ohio Avenue)

October 15th from 6pm to 8pm.

Trunk or Treat Patterson Honda (319 Central East Freeway)

October 29th from 1pm-4pm

Trunk or Treat at Ambreen Plaza (2526 Missile Road)

October 22nd from 6pm-8:30pm

Holy-Ween Trunk or Treat (2201 Maurine Street)

October 31st from 5pm-8pm

In The Mix Trunk or Treat (2444 Sierra Drive)

October 22nd from 5pm-9pm

CASA Trunk or Treat (808 Austin Street)

October 28th from 6pm-8pm

Wichita Falls Farmer's Market Halloween (807 Austin Street)

October 22nd and 29th from 9am-1pm.

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