This Uber driver has a rather short fuse.

The man driving this car screams (with some NSFW language) at his passenger to get out of his car after they arrive at the hospital. The only problem is she wants him to take her to the ER, which is the part of the hospital where they are. What follows is an episode of rage you don't see too often.

It's unclear what happened during the course of the ride prior to the video being taken or if the woman needs to go to the emergency room to be treated, which seems unlikely when you consider she sounds okay, takes the time to make a video and he tells her, "You kept me waiting too long. You showed up and told me you were in a hurry when you showed no actual effort to be in a hurry."

Eventually, someone shows up (who we don't see) and says he can help the woman get to the ER.

It's a disturbing confrontation, but one that's slightly different when you consider the passengers often tee off on the driver, even when they know the cameras are rolling.

What do you think? Is the driver acting too crazy or do you think the woman baited him into losing his patience?

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