The following post was written by Wichita Falls Police Officer J. Cook.
Officer Cook has been with the WFPD since March 2009.

I love my career and there is nothing I'd rather do, but honestly, I wish I had to find a new one. All I see in the media, social and mainstream, is how police are thugs, militarized, uneducated, unskilled, bullies, racists, or are even terrorists.

If you hate us so much, then put us out of a job. It's really simple to do so. All you have to do is one simple thing, love each other. We all learned to treat others as we would want to be treated. To listen to each other, to respect each other, to keep our hands to ourselves, and if it's not yours, don't take it. We were raised to comfort each other, to help each other, to respect ourselves, to value each life and other's opinions.

Somewhere we forgot this lesson and it was replaced with self-serving ideals instead of selflessness. With entitlement instead of serving others. With anger and hate instead of love and acceptance.

If you really hate police, then love each other instead of hate and I will be forced to hang my badge and vest up and find a new career.

Until then, my brothers and sisters and I will strap on our vests, straighten our uniforms, and wear our badges with pride. We will respond to your call for help even if you despise us and we will sacrifice our lives to keep yours safe. We will hold your hand while you cry over the news of a lost love one. We will seek out the ones who would prey on those who cannot defend themselves. We will give up time with our families so you can enjoy time with yours in safety. We will run into the gunfire and shield your body with ours. No matter what time of day or night, an officer will be there to serve and protect you.

You may believe that officers are thugs and bullies but I challenge you to meet officers in your community and judge for yourself. Don't listen to sensationalized stories designed to get ratings and divide us. I guarantee you will not find finer people anywhere. I can say this because I know my brothers, sisters, and I chose this career because we were called into the service of others.

So please, if you hate us as you say, then put me out of work and I will gladly find a new career.

- J. Cook, Police Officer

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