A Facebook video that racked up more than 200,000 views in just 15 hours allegedly shows a Fort Worth police officer spraying passing bikers with pepper spray.

The video was captured by Jack Kinney as he and 200 other motorcyclists were traveling north on U.S. 287. The officer in the video had pulled over one of the safety vehicles for the group, a vehicle that follows the bikers to assist in the event of an incident.  The video, which was edited by Chase Stone to slow down and clearly show the incident, shows the officer stepping out of his vehicle with pepper spray in hand, and then immediately spraying in the direction of passing bikers.  Stone said he believes the officer's intentions were malicious,

His intent was to hit the bikers for sure, there’s no doubt about it.

His intent was to send somebody down, if not to cause a major accident with that spray.

According to the FWPD, they received several complaints of members of the motorcycle group driving recklessly.  When asked of the possibility that the officer felt threatened by the large group, Jack Kinney said,

If you're worried about safety, why would you pepper spray a large group of bikers like that?

The FWPD announced that the officer, a six-year veteran of the force, had been removed from patrol and placed on administrative duties until an investigation could be completed.  The department also noted that the three people in the truck that was pulled over were cited; the driver for driving without a license and the other two for being in the back of the truck while it was on the road.

Watch the Forth Worth police officer spray pepper spray at bikers in the video: